NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of the general members and Board of Directors of Markham Meadows Community Association, Inc. will be held at the date, hour and place noted below:

DATE: Wednesday, January 15, 2014
HOUR: 7:00 PM
PLACE: Panera Bread
1210 S. International Parkway

To transact business as outlined on agenda below:
To transact any other such business that may properly come
before the meeting:
1. Meeting Call to Order
2. Verification of Quorum
3. Old Business
3.3. Read and approve 10/23/2013 Annual Meeting Minutes
3.3. Wall repairs should be attended to within a few weeks
3.3. Update on Fifeshire Property
4. New Business
4.4. Election of Directors
4.4.4. Nominations from the floor for vacant positions
4.4.4. Tally of Ballots
4.4.4. Announce Board Members
4.4.4. Update on repairs by County
5. Open Discussion
6. Adjournment

If you cannot attend the meeting, please fill out the proxy and send to the address listed below or give to someone attending the meeting so a quorum can be met.

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